Car Cleaning Tips

Everyone has their own way to clean a car. Here’s some Perfect Plus tips that will give you a great result.

Make sure your car is in the shade. Direct sun can bake on cleaning fluids.

Wet the car all over first. We are not fans of using pressure washers. Just use the hose to wet the car and leave a few minutes which will soften and loosen dirt.

Fill a clean bucket with clean water. You might also like to use a grit guard in your bucket to prevent any grit attaching itself to your cleaning mitt. The best cleaning mitts are microfibre or sheepskin. Use your favourite brand of cleaning liquid. Never use dishwashing liquid as it will harm your paint finish.

Start from the top and work down. Make sure your cleaning mitt never ends up on the ground as it will pick up grit and scratch your car.

Use a separate mitt for the wheels. That brake dust can be nasty, and you don’t want it on the rest of your car.

Rinse the car off from the roof down and squirt the wheels and inside guards clean. Let the excess water run off.

Now for the easy bit. Use your Perfect Plus Big Sucker microfibre towel to dry your car with speed and ease. You can use the Perfect Plus Little Sucker towel for the wheels, door jambs, sills and interior.

Stand back and admire the Perfect Plus finish!

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