How many towels do I need?

One large Big Sucker towel is fine for a standard sized sedan/SUV. Two are needed for a large SUV.

How do I clean my Perfect Plus towel?

Cold wash in your washing machine as you’d wash any towel. Use liquid detergent rather than powder. Do not use any fabric softener, as this is not good for the towel’s performance. Do not bleach or iron.

How do I dry it?

Either on the line or tumble dry.

What is the microfibre fabric?

It’s a combination of polyester 80% and 20% nylon (Polyamide) which gives it the amazing absorbency.

How long will my Perfect Plus towel last?

Like any towel, they will wear out over time. We have used the towels hundreds of times and they are still going strong.

Will the towel scratch my car?

No. You need to take care not to drop the towel on the ground. The fabric is scratch resistant, but if you have exposed it to grit, it can cause scratches.

How quick is it really?

Without too much effort a standard size car can be dried in 90 seconds. Larger SUV’s etc will take longer and it’s best to use two towels. A fully saturated towel is heavier. You’ll find it easier to have two towels on hand for larger vehicles.

Is it good for use on other things?

Yes, you can use it on any smooth surface, whether it’s your boat, bike, truck, PWC or whatever!

Who is Perfect Plus?

We are a family owned local company based on the North Shore in Auckland. We’re passionate about cars and want car lovers to be able to buy a great car drying towel at an affordable price.

Can I use it on any painted surface?

Yes, from fully protected surfaces through to unwaxed finishes

Does Perfect Plus care about the environment?

Yes, we do. We operate with a mindset to reduce our impact on the environment and we use compostable courier bags. 

How long will it take to get my order?

If your order is received by 2pm on a business day you should receive it on the next business day throughout NZ. Rural addresses can take longer. Orders to Australia will take 5 to 10 business days

What if I’m not happy with the product?

Just email us and we’ll do everything to sort the problem out. We want happy customers that recommend us.

How do I order?

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